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  • Share

  • Communicate

  • Train

  • Inform

  • Link to your existing site

Some of the biggest struggles for businesses are consistent communication, missed connections and lack of followup with our people. 

With a personalized mobile platform,

you can do it all anytime and anywhere.


  • Share your video, podcast, and blog content

  • Deliver internal training content

  • Inform with news feed posts including images and web links


  • Create private user groups

  • Public comments on video and podcast content

  • Private group messaging inside group module

  • Share web links and platform content in groups

  • Direct messaging between individual users

  • Push notifications directly to users


  • Utilize sections of your current website

  • Link to any online resource


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App Comm Media Platform 2021 Slides.006.jpeg
App Comm Media Platform 2021 Slides.007.jpeg
App Comm Media Platform 2021 Slides.005.jpeg
App Comm Media Platform 2021 Slides.008.jpeg

Contact us about creating your platform today!

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