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Your Platform, Your Content,
Your People.

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Mobile apps starting at $5,000*

Some of the biggest struggles for most organizations are consistent communication, lack of follow-up and missed connection with our people. 

With a personalized mobile platform,

you can do it all anytime and anywhere.

*all mobile apps require monthly hosting and maintenance fees starting at $200/month

Platform Concepts:


  • Share your video, podcast, and blog content

  • Deliver internal training content

  • Inform with news feed posts including images and web links


  • Create private user groups

  • Public comments on video and podcast content

  • Private group messaging inside group module

  • Share web links and platform content in groups

  • Direct messaging between individual users

  • Push notifications directly to users


  • Utilize sections of your current website

  • Link to any online resource


Your Business

  • Product Demos

  • Instructional Content

  • Industry news

  • Proprietary Training

  • Corporate Culture

  • Push Notifications

  • Direct Communication

  • Team Management

  • Controlled environment

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Your Church

  • Sunday sermons

  • Midweek content

  • Small group connection

  • Bible studies

  • Ministry updates

  • Direct communication

  • Push notifications

  • Controlled environment


Your Ministry

  • Share your videos

  • Share your podcasts

  • Create group connections

  • Monitor activity

  • Promote your cause

  • Direct communication

  • Push notifications

  • Controlled environment

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Your Community

  • News and livestream feeds

  • Fitness classes + training

  • Educational groups

  • Events and outreach

  • Expand your audience + clientele

  • Communicate directly with users

  • Promote your purpose

  • Push notifications

  • Controlled environment


Contact us about creating your platform today!

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